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Dry Scalp this Winter?

Any one else having an extra dry scalp this winter?? I know I am!

Here are a few tips to help you out.

- Turn down the heat! I know its cold out but that doesn't mean make the shower water hotter.. I'm guilty of this too. BUT when you are shampooing your hair turn down the temperature to lukewarm or cool.

- Sulfate-free shampoo...and no not drugstore shampoo. Drugstore shampoo will leave a waxy residue not only on your hair but on your scalp. Make sure you get a professional brand to reduce buildup.

- HYDRATE! make sure you are drinking the proper amount of water. The number one cause of dryness is from lack of water so drink up!

- Moisturizing products will be your friend. The night before you shampoo your hair add an oil scalp treatment to let soak in over night. I like Oribe Serene Scalp Treatment.

I hope this help you with your dry itchy scalp ! Any more questions feel free to email or text me


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